The Italian tailors of eyewear

The Velvet range is our best selling collection and it has proven over the years to be the highest quality in the market, becoming our signature production , which is entirely made in Italy.

The soft fibers that gracefully cover our frames are carefully selected among the best raw materials available and are then processed by our skilled craftsmen, in our dedicated workshop. The sophisticated technology that we use ensures a spectacular result both visually and technically: our products are almost indestructible. We call this technology "electro-deposition", since the positioning of the fibers takes place inside an electrostatic cabin that allows each single fiber to drop in the correct position, perpendicular to the surface that we decide to cover. This process was borrowed from the interior-design industry but we improved it and adapted for smaller surfaces.

 Thanks to the quality of the manufacturing process and the efficiency of our quality control, we cut the incidence of defective products to 0.02%. Such high quality is the result of a relentless work of research & development and the amazing skills of our craftsmen who actualize, with passion and expertise, what our designers dream. Together, they create some exquisite works of art.

For these reasons, our frames are totally different from any supposedly similar products that other brands may offer.

Once again Art is the fuel of our work because it inspires our creative team and melts into the products that we finally offer to the most sophisticated audience in Italy and abroad. Once again the essential relationship of trust and respect between the Producer and the Consumer is sealed under the name of our genuinely Italian brand.

The Velvet capsule collection consists of five models (3 for women + 2 unisex), available in different colors, and can be found here: Velvet Collection.